Go Green – Your Wedding Day

By: Radhika Khan | 22 Apr 2016

You might think that going green may not be budget friendly or sacrifice your vision but using just one of these tips will definitely help reduce your carbon footprint on your big day.

The Venue

We are lucky enough to live somewhere that is considered a vacation spot for many so consider getting married outdoors at a winery or a park. If the weather is concern opt for a building that has been certified LEED such as the Parkside Hotel (Victoria, BC). This means that everything down to the cleaning supplies are ensured to have little or no impact on the Earth.

Wedding Stationery

Technology is a wonderful thing and with it we have had the invention of companies like Paperless Post which let you create your own wedding e-vite to email to your guests. If you would like to keep the tradition of mailing out your invitations choose to print on recycled paper or even paper made out of seeds that guests can plant later.


Look for blooms that are VeriFlora certified, this will mean that they aren’t drenched in chemicals or grown under harsh working conditions. You can also use potted plants for centerpieces or recycled paper flowers for bouquets and boutonnieres.


Organic can be expensive and is not in the budget for many people. Instead look for a caterer, like The London Chef, that uses locally grown food for that authentic farm to table feel. You can also stick with in-season produce which will most likely lower your costs as well since a high energy greenhouse isn’t being used in the process of preparing your meal.


A lot of thought goes into the favours, but even the best though out favour can end up in the garbage. A great choice is opting for local, edible favours, have a photo booth for your guests to enjoy during the reception, or make a donation to a charity of your choosing.

Wedding Dress

Work with a seamstress to make a dress that has been in the family into your own personal style or go shopping for a previously loved dress from boutiques like The Blue Bustle Boutique (Victoria, BC). If you prefer to purchase a brand new gown look for designers that use sustainable fabrics like cotton, silk, or hemp.


Many department stores offer Eco-friendly options like bamboo linens and appliances that use less energy to operate. You can also create a registry to start saving for your first house or ask for donations to the same charity you are donating to in lieu of favours.

Happy Earth Day!

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