Party Planning 101: The Last Fling Before the Ring

By: Radhika Khan | 19 Apr 2016

With wedding season right around the corner, you probably have your share of bachelorette or bachelor parties to attend. I’ve been to and helped plan a few bachelorette/bachelor parties through the past years and I thought to put some of my golden rules in a blog entry.

Please keep in mind that each bachelorette or bachelor party will be different depending on the bride or groom’s preferences which brings me to my first point…

All About the Bride or Groom

I think this is pretty self-explanatory but I have been to a handful of parties where the party becomes about what the bridesmaids or guests would like to do. I know that everyone is paying their own way and possibly for the bride or groom, but trust me the bride or groom to be will be much happier if it is all about them.


Traditionally the party guests will cover the costs of the bride. I suggest saving a little bit each month so you can really spoil the bride or groom to be. Don’t worry about gifts, as your presence is the best gift of all!

Social Media

Let’s be honest, bachelorette and bachelor parties can get a little wild! Considering this not all party guests will appreciate the night’s events being posted on Facebook or other social outlets. When posting anything online it is good idea to get the permission of the people involved before you post.

What to Wear

This will depend greatly on where you are going, the weather, and the plans for the evening. My two main rules for bachelorette parties: leave white for the bride and keep your outfit ladylike. As for the guys, dress the same as the groom but do not overdress – the attention should be on him.

Do you have any tips you would like to share?

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