St Patrick’s Day 2016

By: Radhika Khan | 17 Mar 2016

Happy St Patrick’s Day! Since I am feeling the luck of the Irish today I thought I would share some ways to infuse some green into your wedding day:

1) Invitations: think lucky horseshoes and shamrocks!

2) A green bouquet, featuring the bells of Ireland flower.

3) An emerald green dress instead of the traditional white.

4) A pair of vintage cufflinks for the groom and groomsmen to add a little more luck.

5) Refreshing rum cocktails with lime, mint, and basil

6) A silver bell is a traditional Irish wedding gift. The bell is traditionally rung for the first time at the couple’s wedding reception. Then when the couple is going through a difficult time, one partner can ring the bell to remind the other of their wedding vows. A nice way co combine this tradition into your wedding is providing mini bells to your guests & ringing them when the bride & groom arrive to the reception.

7) A Guinness groom’s cake

Enjoy your green beer and have a RAD day!

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