The Present

By: Radhika Khan | 6 Feb 2016

How did I become a wedding planner? Well I didn’t think of this profession from the beginning. When I was younger I actually thought about a whole bunch of awesome jobs like an astronaut or a doctor, a teacher…you name it! Honestly, I didn’t think of seriously becoming a wedding planner until I looked into hiring a wedding coordinator for our wedding day. We didn’t end up hiring one so I took on the role and had to rely on my friends and family to help coordinate our day. I also became the go to person for any questions/issues that came up. It was a lot of work and I realized that having wedding planner/coordinator would have given me way more time to enjoy the day. I also realized that I love weddings even more than I love eating cake! And since eating cake isn’t a recognized profession (yet) I decided to become a wedding planner.

The women that gave me a chance to break into the wedding industry are the lovely and talented Katie and Brittany of By Design. They were finding themselves in need of some help and after what seemed like a conversation instead of an interview I was hired as their assistant wedding coordinator. I was by their side for some spectacular weddings for two wedding seasons until I received the sad news that my mentors were closing their business as Katie was going to be getting married and Brittany was getting more involved with the HarbourCats baseball team. So I had two options: I could find another wedding planner to assist or I could open my own business.

And the rest is, well, the present! After five years of long nights, time spent gaining my Wedding Planners Institute of Canada certification, and convincing my friends to let me use their weddings as my “guinea pigs” (but don’t worry their weddings all went swimmingly) I founded RAD Occasions.

Now I know this blog post is pretty lengthy but I really wanted to share where I am coming from and how passionate I am about everything “wedding”. I plan to have a mix of photos, videos, and written posts detailing some of my days as a wedding coordinator as well as some DIY techniques. I may even get some of my friends who are considered experts in their field to answer your questions about hair and makeup, decorations, groomsmen attire, etc.

This brings me to suggestions…I don’t want them! Haha, just kidding! I love hearing your feedback so I am on every social media outlet known to mankind…except Snapchat because really I just don’t understand it. You can also comment on any of my blog posts, which I hope to post at least once, maybe twice a week.


Thanks for reading and have a RAD day!

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