You’re Invited – Tips About Invitations

By: Radhika Khan | 6 Mar 2016

Over the years I have had plenty of questions about invitations and this week I would like to cover the four most common questions:


How Much Notice Should I Give?

The more notice the better especially if you are having a destination wedding or you have plenty of out of town guests. I suggest sending out save the dates as soon as possible (even a month after your engagement) so your guests know to start thinking about travel arrangements. The invites would follow at 6 months before the wedding date for out of town guests and at 5 months for local guests. I know that many sites suggest sending invites around 4 months but I am I big supporter of the RSVP cut off date being set about 2 to 3 months before the wedding to allow for more time to get seating charts, favours, etc in order.


Does Everyone Get a Plus One?

Simple answer: no. Generally plus ones are given to guests who are dating for a year or more but it is completely up to you in the end. If you are concerned about costs or space definitely have a closer look at your guest list.


What About Kids?

If you choose to have a wedding with no children, address the envelope to the parents only. If you decide to invite children to your wedding, please be sure to invite all of the children in the family – don’t leave anyone out.


How Do I Tell My Guests About The Registry?

I know that many places that offer a gift registry will advise to include the registry cards with the wedding invitations. I suggest not including this with the invite as it pulls focus away from inviting your guests to be a part of this special day. Instead, include the registry information on your wedding website as well as with the engagement and wedding shower invitations. If you find yourself planning a wedding in less than a year then by all means include the registry info.


Thanks for reading and have a RAD day!

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    • Gregory Willard 3 years ago

      One of my friends just recently started planning for his wedding, and he asked me if I could give him some tips on the invitations. I had no idea that everyone should not get a plus one. At our wedding, we only had a few people bring their dates, and they asked us in advance. I will be sure to pass this article on to him.

      • Radhika Khan 3 years ago

        I’m glad I could help!